If you’ve been getting less likes and comments than before… pay attention to this.

I came across an excellent blog post from Rachel @rainylune where she described what happened when Instagram reached out to schedule a call so the Instagram Partnerships Team could give her advice on how to grow her account.

Here’s are 2 key points of what she was told:

? Instagram’s algorithm will either reward or punish you based on your usage of the app as a whole.

? The algorithm ranks your specific post by taking into account your use of Instagram as a whole.

Rachel said the Instagram Partnerships team member she spoke to explained the top 3 things you should be doing to improve your Instagram engagement:

1. Reels
2. All of Instagram’s features
3. Consistency

Currently, Reels are being boosted in the algorithm. This is happening now because Reels is new, but this won’t always be the case.

According to the Instagram team member, the ideal amount of Reels is 4 – 7 per week. (If you have a life outside of Instagram, you are probably laughing right now ?) Rachel recommends doing 1 Reel per week, reasonably.

I’m going to share more of Rachel’s post tomorrow, so come back for that – and I will have a special announcement based on this content soon!