Everyone takes vacation photos.  But how can you make your vacation photos special?

I’ve seen other accounts use an effect like this, and I wanted to make my own version.


1. Get a good location and a tripod.
2. Put the tripod down. Do not move the tripod.
3. Hold up the Polaroid and take picture
4. You will come up with a reason to move the tripod. Ignore this.
5. Set your phone to take a burst of photos in a row. I tried to take a burst of photos but it ended up as a video ?‍♂️ .
6. Do something interesting for the photos. Seriously, don’t move the tripod.
7. Drop everything into Premiere Pro, resize the burst photos to be the same size as the Polaroid, add sound, loop everything, export and post.


What should we do next with this same concept??