#TBT to a year ago when Jen Lehner and I held an impromptu photoshoot at the Alexa Conference while the Amazon team went to the bathroom and left their sign unguarded.

Since then, I’ve added nearly 25,000 subscribers and now have approximately 24,000 downloads per month. I’ve learned a ton about what it takes to build an audience by creating daily content, and I’ve met some amazing people on the way (including but not limited to:@iamerikjolson, @sarahlynn.co, @karagschilling, @ashleyrcoffey89, @amysummersnyc, @emilybinder, and many, many more).

I still get a rush when I get Direct Message from someone saying “I listen to you every day!” I love being part of people’s daily routines.

Next week, I’m headed back to the Alexa Conference (now called Project Voice”) as a speaker. My session is called “Marketing for Voice: Discoverability and Repeat Usage” and features case studies of my favorite companies in the Alexa ecosystem. I’m also nominated for Alexa Flash Briefing of the year.

How did this all happen in 12 months????? Here’s my plan. Steal it. Please.

1. Find a platform not many people know about yet

2. Figure out how to grow an audience on it, no matter how small

3. Join (or start) a community of other people on that platform.

4. Keep telling yourself ”it’s like being on Instagram in 2012, before the algorithm,” whenever you get frustrated or feel like nothing’s happening.

Have you ever thought about using a relatively unknown platform in addition to Instagram?