Today’s the day I’m at the Voice Summit in Newark, NJ talking about the difference between Podcasting and Micro-Casting.
My Micro-cast is available every day on Amazon Alexa (with an Echo or via the Alexa app) when you say “Alexa, tell me the newsโ€. Based on the what I’ve created (12,000 subscribers!) I’ll be answering questions like:
๐ŸŽค Why have a Micro-cast and a Podcast?
๐ŸŽค What am I doing differently on the microcast that I am not doing on the podcast when it comes to content?
๐ŸŽค Do I find that each one attracts its own audience or do I have the same audience listening to both, and
which one is currently gaining the most traction?

I’ll also be explaining about how I built an audience on Amazon Alexa using a growth hack technique I invented.

๐Ÿ“น My panel will be video recorded so look for that soon!

Have ever thought about having a daily show people listen to? What would it be about?