Instagram is now 10 years old! And to celebrate, some new features were added (including an Easter Egg)!

? Instagram added the ability to shop right from IGTV. I’ve been saying for a long time that Instagram is targeting Amazon as their main competitor with the goal of improving the online shopping experience – instead of just looking at an item, watching a video of a person wearing the item, using it, or unboxing it. A Facebook spokesperson said “For creators and businesses, it’s a new way to sell in an inspirational and immersive way through long-form, edited video.” Since most of Facebook and Instagram’s revenue comes from ads, it’s clear they’re looking to innovate and improve the online shopping experience to take some business away from Amazon.

? A map and calendar in your Stories Archive for all the Stories you’ve shared. This is private to you, don’t worry – unless you decide to share some of the archived Stories. VP of Product at Instagram, @vishalshahis said “the stories archive is a great way to remember all of the great moments you’ve shared over the years. I’m really proud of this work as it was a passion project from some of our most tenured Instagram employees. I love that at our scale, bottoms-up innovation and ideas like this can be still be shipped to the world.” The new Stories Map and monthly calendar view are rolling out now, and can be accessed from the “archive” menu under your user profile.

? The Instagram account on Twitter posted ???⚙️?⬇️⬇️⬇️?? – which was a great visual clue – basically an emoji guide to unlock 10 years worth of Instagram icons that you could use on your Home Screen. To access all the icons, go to the settings, then do a long swipe down on the screen to reveal some emoji. Once you’ve swiped down far enough, the icons will be unlocked and you’ll see a message from Instagram.

A lot has changed on Instagram over the past 10 years. I joined in 2013. When did you join?