For the past two Fridays, Adam Mosseri (@mosseri), Head of Instagram, has been doing AMAs on his Stories – and he’s been dropping knowledge all over the place. I’ve been covering this on my show, but in case you missed it, here are the highlights.

Q: Instagram Stories or tweet storms for short form narratives in 2020 and beyond?
A: Depends on the audience and the story. If I’m trying to reach journalists, Tweet storm. If I’m trying to reach a broader set of people interested in Instagram, or tell a visual story, Instagram.

Q: What’s the biggest problem facing the company right now?
A: Our biggest responsibility is the well-being of hte poeple that use Instagram. Our biggest challenge is competition.

Q: What was the real goal of Instagram?
A: To connect you with the people and things you love.

Q: Instagram likes USA hiding update?
A: Still working on it!

Q: Instagram top priorities for 2020?
A: Still finalizing, but the big ones are well-being, the elections here in the US, privacy, continuing to grow Stories and messaging, and setting up our new bets for success.

Q: Are you concerned about the potential spread of DeepFakes on Instagram?
A: Of course. We announced a policy banning deep fakes last week, but getting good at enforcing it will take time.

Q: How do you prioritize new features and changes for IG?
A: Primarily based on what we believe is going to be best for people. We also make sure that we do all we can on safety related work, and are exploring at least a few new big ideas.

Q: Is it true that photoshopped photos are hidden as false info on IG?
A: Nope. We don’t have any policies against people editing their photos.

Q: Do you plan to hide the number of followers as well? It would be very good.
A: We don’t. We’ve explored the idea, but it turns out looking at other people’s followers is an important way many people discover new accounts to follow.

There’s more to this session, but for more context on these answers plus my take, check out my daily show!