Last night Business Insider had a great article – “Instagram is Gen Z’s go-to source of political news — and it’s already having an impact on the 2020 election”. I covered this in-depth on my Alexa show but there are 2 points I wanted to highlight.

1. Where Generation Z gets its news – 59% – social media, 50% – TV, 36% – friends, 31% – online news, 29% – their parents, 21% – radio (?), 10% – newspapers (?!?!?) and 9% said they avoid the news.

This is huge for a number of reasons. Older generations think it’s crazy to news from social media, but it’s the only way to choose exactly what you’re exposed to. If you get a newspaper or watch the news on TV, you’re consuming what someone else said it is important. With social media, you decide who to follow, and then the algorithm actually works to your advantage by only showing what it thinks you’re truly interested in on a day-to-day basis based on your past interactions and behavior.

2. Gen Zers who spoke with Business Insider felt that the generation’s reliance on social media was polarizing, as algorithms connect people with content they already agree with. “Social media has the ability to take out a snippet of an entire presidential speech that somebody gave and give you 30 seconds to two minutes that can completely sway somebody’s opinion on that candidate,” Katy, 21, college student. “There’s no time for most people in Generation Z. You’re just being so caught up with everything. Especially being a college student, I don’t have time to watch an hour-long debate. I will be swayed, honestly, by a two-minute video, which is sad to say,” she concluded.

Frankly there probably wasn’t anything revolutionary in the other 58 minutes of that debate.

Getting news from Instagram is something that’s going to be a huge defining point for the 2020 election, since it’s seen as very different compared to Facebook’s “Fake News” issues from the 2016 election, despite being run by the same company and having the same goals.

Key Takeaway – people, especially younger generations, are using this platform for everything – communicating with friends, shopping, and getting news.

What are your thoughts? Where do you get your news?