Today’s topic: FREE information to get as many likes as possible. It’s called Instagram Insights.

Here’s the background info – the Instagram algorithm rewards posts that get a lot of likes and comments very quickly after being posted. If your post gets rewarded by the algorithm, it will show your post to more and more people, because it’s trying to only show good content to people when they open the app.

So how do you get lot of likes and comments quickly?

The best way is to post great content when your followers are online. If you post something amazing at 3AM but 95% of your followers are asleep at that time, Instagram is very unlikely to reward you by showing your content to all your followers.

How do you know when your followers are online?

Enter the Instagram Insights. If you have a Business account or a Creator account, you have access to a lot of great info. To access all this valuable deta, follow these steps:

1. Open up your profile, by picking the last tab at the bottom.

2. Go to the hamburger icon at the top right (it looks like 3 horizontal lines), and pick “Insights”.

3. Once you’ve opened Insights, pick “Audience”, and scroll down.

You’ll see info about your followers including home cities or countries breakdown of your followers ages and gender – and most importantly – when most of your followers are online.

Here’s what my insights reveal.

My audience are online from 9AM to 9PM and are mostly in New York. Using that information, I could either post during those times – or – (MAJOR 🔑 ALERT) SCHEDULE A POST DURING THOSE HOURS. This removes the need to be crafting a post during that window. You can schedule a post using the new Facebook Creator Studio for Instagram, or a tool like @latermedia or @planoly.

What do your analytics tell you about your audience?
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