Welcome to the 2nd part of the Instagram Myth Shattering, based on posts from the @creators account from @instagram. In case you missed it, go back and check out yesterday’s post for some solid Q&A from the Instagram team.

Here’s some more.

Q: We hear that pods (i.e. Groups of people who like who agreed to like and comment on each other’s posts) can help a post appear higher in feed?

A: Authenticity and transparency are key to building sustainable engagement on Instagram. Trying to game the system may provide a short-term benefit, but it is not a recipe for success long-term. In addition Instagram feed ranking is powered by Machine learning, which is constantly adapting to new patterns in data. So it can recognize inauthentic activity and make adjustments.

Q: How do I get verified?

A: Accounts with verified badges are well-known public figures, celebrities and global brands on Instagram. These accounts have been given verified badges because they’re likely to be impersonated.

We verify accounts to ensure people in the Instagram Community can easily find the authentic people and brands they want to follow. If an account is verified, a blue verified badge will appear next to their name in search and on their profile.

Lastly, Instagram explained engagements that are important to feed ranking – it’s comments, reshares, likes, and views.
I have historically said that in order of importance, it’s DMs -> Comments -> Likes -> Views (in that order), but Instagram didn’t explain the order. They also left out Saves, so maybe that isn’t as important as previously thought.


Photo credit: @lnphotoart