I have whiskey and I’m sitting on a throne, which means I keep breaking down Instagram into small, understandable pieces for you.

Over the past few days on my #alexa show, I’ve been going super deep into Instagram’s “Close Friends” feature based on a @verge interview of @Robby. Robby Stein is Product Manager at Instagram in charge of the consumer product team across Stories, Feed, Messaging, Camera, and Profile. (That’s literally all the parts of the app. There’s nothing left that doesn’t fit into one of those categories). If you didn’t already, check out my previous post for an explanation of the “Close Friends” feature and why it matters.

Here’s one of @robby’s insights. “One thing that we have noticed is that people tend to reply much more to the Close Friends posts. This is in part because you’re selecting a group of people that care more about what you’re posting. But I think also because people feel special. They feel ‘oh this is unique to me!’ Since less people saw it, they’re more willing to then write back. So one of the positives of this is people are having more conversations on this content that kicks off DM conversations, and helps people catch up with friends and family. Certainly my posts have gotten people in my family to write back – people who would not have necessarily written back to my story ordinarily.”

How have you used Close Friends? Would you pay $5 for access to someone’s Close Friends?