Instagram has been testing hiding the “like count” photos get in the feed. This week, the Head of Instagram, Adam @mosseri gave some insights into why they’re doing this, what the response has been, and how he feels about it.

“Ultimately, if we make decisions that are bad for business but that keep people safe or are good for well-being more broadly, I have to believe that those are going to be good for the business over the long run, and so I’m going to make those decisions. The idea with making like counts private is to try and depressurize the experience a bit. It can sometimes feel like a popularity contest.”

“I’m bullish on it. It’s a big change. We’re working through all the challenges. One challenge is for creators. They use Instagram to make a living. Likes are a sign of how relevant they are, so we have to figure out some way to make sure we preserve that.”

“We’ve actually had a pretty mixed response from influencers. So I think – I’m optimistic. We aren’t there yet. We’re still iterating on the experience. But I am personally optimistic and really personally invested in making it work”.

My take: other platforms can really take a lesson from Instagram –  Mosseri shows that they’re willing to test anything and everything to improve the user experience for as many people as possible, to ensure that everyone gets maximum enjoyment out of the time they spend on Instagram.

You can hear the audio clip from this interview along with my thoughts on my show today.

Do you think hiding like counts will help make Instagram less of a “popularity contest”? Will you use the platform more or less if like counts are hidden? .
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