I N S T A G R A M H A C K !!

This is something I’ve been seeing a lot lately, so I know it works.

If you see a carousel (also known as a “gallery”) in your feed, then later, you open up your feed again, the Instagram algorithm will show that same carousel again, but STARTING WITH A DIFFERENT PHOTO. You get double (or even triple) exposure – for free. No ad spend required.

The key to this is making a really engaging carousel post where people spend time on each picture. This means you can’t just post the same picture or a slightly different version – people have to spend time with each individual photo for this to work.

Have you seen this happening in your own feed with other people’s carousel posts?

Please report back if you see this post again over the next 48 hours, starting with a different slide each time.

I get deep on this (and other topics) with @chrisdavisworks from @trickledigital on today’s new episode of “The Instagram Stories Podcast”, which you can find on Apple Music, Spotify, Google, or wherever you get podcasts. Chris has been making amazing carousel posts and has really grown his following very quickly because of that. He shares all his secrets in this episode.

Huge ?credit to my amazing wife @lnphotoart, she has openings for 30 minute mini-sessions where you get a set of images just like this.