All this week, I’m sharing quick, actionable tips about how brands can use Instagram Stories to continue to connect with customers, clients, or fans during the Coronavirus. If you missed yesterday’s, go back and check it out.

Today’s Tip: Encourage people to stay in with the stay home sticker. Share positive stories around kindness and sacrifice. Support health and safety messages from trusted sources.

To do it: Take a picture of you staying home, then open the Stickers drawer and select the “Stay Home” Sticker. Add it anywhere on your Story, and size it appropriately by pinching in with your fingers, or sliding them apart.

How it works: When people following you watch the “Stay Home” Story, they see everyone who they follow who has shared stories over the past 24 hours using the Stay Home Sticker.

Why It’s Important: When you see that others are staying home, it reinforces the need for everyone to stay home.

What businesses have you seen using the “Stay Home” Sticker creatively?