All this week, I’m sharing quick, actionable tips about how brands can use Instagram Stories to continue to connect with customers, clients, or fans during the Coronavirus.

Today’s Tip: Make it easy for people to support your brand. Use the Stories Business Stickers so people can buy gift cards or order food from you.

Why It’s Important: People who watch your Story can reshare your Gift Cards or Order Food Sticker on their own Story, so more people can give you money.

To set it up: You must have an Instagram Creator Account or Business Account, and you must select an Instagram-approved partner as part of the setup process.

To use it: Open up the Stories Camera, take a picture or video, then push the “Sticker” button. Select the “Gift Cards” or “Food Orders” sticker, and walk through the setup.

How it works: When someone taps on the “Gift Cards” or “Food Orders” button on your Story using the Sticker, they’ll be directed to whatever partner you selected in order to complete the transaction.

Bonus: Gift cards can also be purchased on your Instagram Profile. To set this up,go to your profile, click “Edit Profile”, then under “Public Business Information”, tap “Action Buttons”, then select “Gift Cards” – pick a partner if you haven’t already, then click “done”.

Bonus 2: Make sure to save your stories as Highlights so they don’t get lost after 24 hours and people can still see your Gift Card or Order Food Sticker!

Tag someone who owns or works for a business that hasn’t set this up yet!