Yesterday, I covered what to post about on Instagram. Today, we’re going to get into how to improve your photos, even if you’re not a pro photographer. Ready?

1. Make your shots more interesting by using the the rule of thirds.

If you’re not familiar with this, imagine a grid of 3 boxes by 3 boxes (for a total of 9 squares) of the picture you’re about to take. Then look at the elements that are the most important in your shot. Then place the subject of the photo at the intersection points of the grid lines, which divides the photo into thirds. This helps make your shots more balanced and interesting.

2. Use space to spotlight your subject.

If you want to highlight the subject of your shot, add space around the subject to make it stand out. People are always looking at the space around the subject and what’s in the background – often those are more interesting than the foreground.

3. Use leading lines in photos.

People’s eyes follow lines in your photos. Create photos where the lines draw the eye to the subject you want to highlight.

4. Experiment with light at different times of day.

@lnphotoart always says the best light is an hour before and an hour after sunset and sunrise. Use the light at those times to your advantage, instead of the harsh light that happens during the middle of the day.

Come back tomorrow for part 3 of how to create photos and videos to captivate your audience!