Sarah Wallace helps coaches and consultants launch their businesses using Instagram. She’s been helping brands on Instagram over the past 5 years in health and wellness industry, but recently pivoted to helping individuals.

Do you get caught up in building your logo, your website domain name, your website design, or all the other millions of things when trying to start your business?

Sarah explains her strategy – rather than focus on all those little things, focus on the content and value you’re going to provide to your customers. Using Instagram intentionally – with purpose – eliminates so many of those barriers. Giving value through meaningful content prepares you to one day be able to offer something your audience would want to buy.

When you start to post, make sure you’re telling your story. Show yourself in a photo or video, explaining your WHY – that will draw your audience into your story and make them want to follow you. Your WHY is the reason you get out of bed in the morning. Your WHY – if conveyed correctly – will draw people to you.

Sarah also explains how to always have something to post. Here’s her 4 step system:
1. Open up a note on your phone or PC (Sarah uses Google Docs)
2. Every time you hear something interesting in a podcast, or in an article, or a conversation…write it down
3. Use those notes in your upcoming posts.
4. Once a month, look at which posts did the best, then re-use those in the coming weeks.

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