Brian Kofi Hollingsworth is a Graphic Designer with over 15 years experience, creating and consulting with brands big and small over the years, everything from general elections in the UK and Kenya, to barbershops, chefs, natural skin and hair products, live events, alcohol brands, charities and influencers. 

Brian believes social media is everyone’s opportunity to show the world what you can do and not just tell people like back in the day when you had when you had your life written on paper, now your worth is digital, you can use it to qualify yourself whether you’re running a business or looking for a job, His mission is to educate creators to brand and market themselves by utilizing the most relevant platforms.

In this episode, Brian and I were invited to do a Q&A for the Social Media Strategies Summit back in October, right after I gave a talk on the latest changes to the Instagram algorithm. Brian is super knowledgeable and frankly, I was more excited to hear his answers to the questions than anything else – and I LOVE Q&A, so that tells you a lot.

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