Lisi Metzger has been in the social media space since 2009. She created a blog called, “The Beauty File,”posted content for over five years and grew an engaged community online. She was featured in several online publications such as GraziaUK & Refinery 29. She is passionate about connecting with and creating content for small businesses, brands & professionals. 

She is a social media strategist and the founder of L Studio Media, a social media agency, based out of New York. She helps businesses grow their online presence through social media management and content creation, 1:1 strategic planning sessions and online coaching.  She helps businesses clarify their message to create strategic plans and grow by attracting the “right” followers who convert to customers and clients. Her agency also works with businesses in an ongoing manner, providing social media management on a monthly basis.

Offline, she enjoys listening to music & podcasts, reading, art, traveling, biking, doing Pilates & spending time with her family and friends.

Here are the links to what Lisi mentioned on the show:
Marketing articles aggregated onto a homepage- “the latest content in blogging, content, email, growth, metrics, strategy, tools, social, influencer & branding”(you download the zest extension on chrome)

Trello is great for organizing your projects and ensuring your to-dos are completed in a timely manner.

You can find Lisi online at:

Instagram: @lstudiomedia