John Ferrara is an Instagram expert, strategist and philosopher. With over 6 years of experience, John has helped thousands of entrepreneurs grow their business using Instagram.

When I interview guests on my podcast, I rarely hear something completely unfamilar to me about Instagram. When I interviewed John, he said something about IGTV stats that I never heard before – and my first thought was that John must be wrong. I was thinking I should interrupt to correct him, but my brain said “what if he’s right? You don’t know everything.” I’m so glad I didn’t say anything because John was right. There’s a really interesting IGTV stat you can check that I did not know existed.

In this episode, John and I talk about the right mindset for growing on Instagram, and he explains the methodology behind his Masterclass. John’s Masterclass is designed around 7 Laws will help you attract more clients, engage with your ideal customers and get you paid without needing more followers. You can find the 7 Laws of Instagram at the link below.

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