Eduardo Morales is a former Community Growth Manager at @depop and Community Director at @nikebyyouworkshop. He now makes a living from the Instagram accounts @pinlord, @potteryforall, and @macramemakers as well as writing articles that help demystify Instagram on his Medium blog.

In this episode, we discuss how to grow a new account quickly by commenting and engaging in conversations on other people’s posts, and using your analytics to figure out what’s working on your account. Eduardo recommends looking at your posts that are doing well and see what common theme connects the posts that have done well. He suggests if you haven’t started on Instagram yet or are starting over, pick an easy name that doesn’t have periods or underscores, trying to pick a niche that isn’t saturated yet, or figuring out how to be one of the top creators in an existing niche. Then, focus on making sure you engage with other people’s posts every day – because people finding your account is the one thing you can control. Liking and commenting on people’s posts will always within your power to control, whereas the Instagram algorithm will not be something you impact or control.

Eduardo is offering a new class – 10 Steps To Grow Your Small Business on Instagram in 4 weeks, starting on November 1st. You can check out Eduardo’s class and find him online using the links below.


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