Cori Ingrassia wears many hats. Through her consultancy company, Complicated Media she simplifies the ever-changing online landscape for small businesses & brands by developing their digital strategy, creating engaging content & building a solid social media footprint. When Cori is not plugging away on her laptop, she can often be found in front of the camera hosting TV segments, web shows & live events.

For hyper-local businesses, it’s all about networking and relationship building – getting to know the owners and the managers, their stories, and you will uncover opportunities to help each other. For local businesses and social media, it’s about figuring out the goals of the business and starting small with a basic idea that can be easily executed, before expanding to other platforms and media types. For small business owners who want to handle things on their own, Cori suggests honing in on one platform, but they still may need help with building a content calendar, understanding their analytics, or other more advanced tasks.

In the rest of this conversation, Cori and I discuss Instagram Reels and Tiktok strategies, and much more.

You can find Cori online at: