Keeyahtay has a fulltime photography job. He’s got also got a photography business on the side. Here’s what I learned from him.

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First – if you’re doing something for the fame, you’re doing it wrong.

Second, the beauty of Instagram is being able to see other people’s work – seeing photos from artists you respect and people you’ve never heard of. It keeps you feeling inspired, and it lets people who want to see your work see it.

How to Build a Photography Business from Instagram: Keeyahtay’s Business Strategies

1. Photography is hard. In the beginning no one is going to care about you or your work. That’s tough, but that’s how you get started. I forget this all the time. During the time that no one cares about your work and no one cares who you are, that’s when you develop your skills and your own style. That’s a good thing. Hone your craft during that time.

2. You’re not going to be making money overnight. You have to put in the work. You have to start interning, volunteering, and focusing on improving. It will take years before you can support yourself from something. I can never seem to remember that.

3. Be extremely focused. Figure out what works for you, which could be making your Instagram only one type of image. If you’re going to do this, clear out other images from your Instagram, start from scratch, and just post one type of picture.

4. Your posts should make someone want to be wherever you are or wherever you’ve been. Don’t post too much. Avoid posting multiple images in a row from the same event.

5. Develop your own style so that people know it’s your work. Pick the same name everywhere, on every platform, so people can easily find you.

Keeyahtay’s Advice on Concert Photography – If you take pictures at concerts, they’re not going to come out great. Take a couple of pictures, but enjoy the moment. You paid money for the show, so put your phone away and just be there.

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