Richard and Laurie are a Disney couple. In this episode, they shared what they learned from growing their Instagram account for a very niche group of people.

In this interview, they share their overall mindset about making a niche account, including focusing on ways to diversify within that niche. In the case of The Walt Daily, they were able to experiment within their niche to see what resonated with the audience they were building.

Their overall growth strategy was to focus on spending time on other people’s accounts within their niche, commenting and contributing to the discussion, until the conversations were happening on their own page from their own posts.

During this episode of the podcast, they share their strategy for posting in Stories vs. Feed, how to get over the feeling of needing to share the perfect post, how to get the right mindset if a post doesn’t resonate as well as anticipated, and more.

Richard and Laurie’s main tip to grow your Instagram : try to make just one person happy with each post – just one person.

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