Taylor Loren is the director of content marketing at Later, the #1 Instagram marketing platform. She is passionate about helping entrepreneurs grow their business through the power of Instagram marketing, which she does through the popular Later blog and free online Instagram courses. Taylor was named a LinkedIn Top Voice of social media marketing and awarded Best Startup Marketing in Canada.

Over the past few months, Instagram usage has increased by over 50% and Instagram Live views have increased over 70%. That shows people are spending more time on social media than ever before because it’s become the main way to socialize with friends and family. According to Taylor, this is a time to post more, especially if your business is slow, so you can stay top of mind for once your business is open or your audience is ready to buy again. She recommends turning your Instagram into a hub of content for your audience, giving a place for your followers to find all kinds of content they want to see.

Taylor, like many other users, spends more time on Stories than her feed. Although you may be getting less likes and comments on your Feed posts than in the past, having people watch multiple pictures/videos on your Story can be just as valuable as a Feed post.

Captions are a key component of Feed Posts. Caption length has doubled each year since 2016, and although you don’t have to write 1,000 words, the effort you put into writing a caption will help you. If people spend longer time on your post because they’re reading your caption, and since “time spent on post” is an important factor as an Instagram metric, that’s going to help your post do better in the algorithm.

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