Matt Navarra is a social media consultant and strategiest who works with a variety of brands, icnluding the United Nations, BBC, and Sainsbury’s. He also is podcast host for the show “Geek Out with Matt Navarra”, sponsored by Pinterest and featuring guests like Taylor Lorenz from the New York Times, Instagram’s Vishal Shah, plus many more.

Matt’s relationships and past experience have put him in a great position to often find out about new features within the social media apps we love – he shares those on Twitter and in his Facebook group,

What if you want to follow in Matt’s steps? Matt says the key thing is to focus on is consistency – know what you’re interested in and have a skill in that you can share with people, then stick to that niche. Matt has chosen to focus on social media news, features, and updates.

Matt suggests not being afraid to ask favors of people, like inviting them to your podcast. He also recommends meeting people for coffee, get to know them, and it may lead to good opportunities – it might not, but often it does.

We also get into larger social media accounts for brands (and even the Royal Family). Matt’s advice is that it’s important to be personable – not acting better than anyone else, not stiff and formal, not converting a press release into a social media post, but relatable.

Matt gives some really practical advice about his favorite social media tools, so check out the rest of the episode for more.

You can find Matt online at:

Facebook Group: The Social Media Geek Out