Have you not gotten the results you’ve wanted from Instagram? There’s a reason. And you might not be doing anything wrong.

Jenn is the author of Instagram for Business for Dummies plus the Director of Marketing and Communications at an Aerospace company in San Diego. On the side, she’s been speaking about Instagram for the past 6 years.

I learned from Jenn how Instagram traffic is tracked. I didn’t know this.

When someone clicks on a link in your profile, it opens up a new browser window. Therefore it’s not considered traffic referral traffic from Instagram, it’s considered direct traffic – meaning it’s lumped in with all the people who have gone directly to your website, so you don’t know where the traffic is coming from. If you’re looking at Google Analytics as seeing a very low amount of traffic to your website coming from Instagram, this is the reason why. To address this, you can create an individual landing page that your profile points directly to, or use URL shorteners (like bit.ly or tiny.url).

Instagram has the highest engagement rates of any social media platform. Facebook and Twitter both have less than 1% engagement. Instagram has an average engagement rate of 3%. Engagement can be 5% or even higher on small business accounts.

What if you’re not getting the number of likes and followers you want?

First – why do you want that number of likes and followers? How would having that level of followers or likes help you? If you’re a small business, best case scenario is that you have all your clients, and their staff follow you.

Ask yourself – what would the number of likes and followers you want actually do for your business? If you’re not getting the number of likes you want, focus on figuring out what your audience wants to see, then give them more of that.

Jenn also explains hashtag strategies and tons more in the rest of the episode.

Look for Jenn to release “Instagram for Dummies” in the coming months.

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