Alex Branning owns a digital marketing agency and hosts a podcast giving advice about marketing to entrepreneurs.

Alex is very focused on Instagram Ads directly on Stories, and teaches his clients 2 things – first, how to grow their audience and then to monetize that audience.   He teaches his clients that video quality needs to be just “good enough” – just handheld, then adding stickers.  He explains on this episode why (“good enough” videos get better results than the high quality videos).

Have you tried ads on Facebook or Instagram before, but didn’t get the success you were wanted?  In Alex’s experience, most campaigns have not been given enough time or budget to get leads from ads (on both Instagram and Facebook).

One major recent addition to Instagram ads is Conditional Lead Ad forms, which shows a form to someone who clicks on the ad and provides the potential client qualifying questions, to ensure that each lead is an exact match for the required specific criteria you want.

Want to get up to speed on Facebook and Instagram ads quickly? Alex recommends the Facebook Blueprint, if you’re already familiar with advertising. If you’re not, Alex does free webinars to help provide all the background info you need.

Want to automate your Instagram posts? Alex has an app he’s worked to bring to market to help you called IG-EZ.

Check out the rest of the episode for a lot more great info.

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