Building Your Instagram Quickly Using Facebook Friends and Phonebook Contacts

I wanted to make a podcast where I interview people who know a lot about Instagram. My plan is to get them to spill their secrets (for free!) so you can listen and learn from the best. But this plan has some downsides, which center around the fact that I want to spill what I know too!

I came up with a solution that gives value to everyone listening. Episodes of this podcast will alternate between interviewing experts, and giving suggestions to people just starting out.

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My friend Greg Pilla is great at networking. He knows good people, and he’s always at the right events. He’s got an email list full of engaged people, using a method that marketers hate. His email method is so good that I started using it about 4 months ago, and it’s made me love having my own email list. (Side note: I still hate mailing lists. But I love having my own.)

On this podcast, we talk about how Greg could transition his email list into his Instagram, both by finding contacts he’s connected with on Facebook and has saved in address book.

Do you want to know how? Listen to the podcast where I explain at minute 4:15. I also made a video tutorial for you.

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