If you want to sell a product or service on Instagram, you can’t just start by posting pictures of your product or service. You need to give value, because Instagram does not exist just so you have a platform to sell your product or service on.

Mats David Awesome Goldberg is the owner of The Instagram Agency.  Mats explains the most important thing is to give value in every single post. The value could be educational, or it could be entertaining, or it could be inspiring. Whatever time and effort you put into giving value will come back to you eventually – it could be in the form of relationships, or some other method, but you can’t sell to people unless you build trust by providing free value. Whatever you communicate, it needs to be in a manner that’s open, honest, and authentic. Showing the struggle and where you’ve failed helps people to understand who you are and what you’re dealing with, giving evidence that you are a real person trying your best.

Mats also breaks down his strategy for posting and how he creates such epic posts in the rest of this episode.

You can find Mats at:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tigagency
Facebook: The Instagram Agency Facebook Group
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/matsgoldberg/