Malvika is the founder and digital content creator behind the platform “Style by Malvika”, focused on creating content in the luxury fashion world.

According to Malvika, the key to Instagram is finding the balance between aspirational and relatable. Those can be contradictory, so it’s important to meet somewhere in the middle.

Small business owners can do that by asking themselves : “in what way does my small business give value to consumers? How through pictures can I capture the value my customers are looking for?”

Start off by posting captivating images. This can be done by flagging, saving, and pinning images Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram, where you like just one part of the image, then make your own version.

Building a community is also key. If someone has taken the time to write a comment or send you a message, it’s to your detriment to not respond. Whoever comments, make sure they feel valued and part of the conversation.

Think about the future, because one day it will be a new platform instead of Instagram, and you’re going to have to ask your followers to migrate you over there. And if you’re a small business owner on Instagram, focus on this key question – “what’s the value and how can I convey it?”

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