Josh Klemons is a digital storyteller and strategist. He helps brands find, hone, and tell their stories online.

Josh works with brands on Instagram Stories, and shares the reasons businesses should be using Stories, which are pieces of content that are only visible for 24 hours. He calls them “ethereal” – which means “characterized by lightness and insubstantiality; intangible”. Instagram Stories are unique because they show you exactly who watched your Stories – you can tap on their name, see their profiles, or start conversations with them. YouTube doesn’t offer that same level of visibility into who watched your videos.

  • If you’re new to Stories, focus on creating content your audience likes. Good content is what your audience is into. What gets looked at? That’s what your audience is into.
  • Instagram works on the principle of love – if you show the app love by spending time posting, Instagram shows you love by showing your content to other people.
  • If someone watches all of your Stories right through to the end – THOSE are your people.

Josh gets deep into some hacks for Stories that I didn’t know. Did you know you can repost Stories that you’re tagged in? Listen to the whole episode to hear everything.



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