Overland Unlimited consists 3 guys – Shane, Neil, and Steve. They saw an under-served community, and wanted to do something about that. There are people who spend time going on multi-day outdoor trips, living out of their vehicles, so they decided to build an Instagram community based on other people’s posts. Their goal is to “feature the extraordinary and cater to the ordinary.”

This community has grown to 10,000 followers, and have given people with small followings a voice in this community. To them, everyone has a cool story and a good angle that needs to be featured.

Whatever you’re into, no matter what it is, you can find an under-served community that you can bring together.

The takeaway: find the good story behind the photos, and share that story with the community.

Want to hear the exact strategies the team at Overland Unlimited used to build such a great community?

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