5 Instagram Strategies I Learned From Sadie Olsen of Otto’s Cassava Flour

Sadie markets a flour for people who can’t eat gluten or are on the paleo diet. She started her company from scratch 2 years ago and she’s now on shelves in major food retailers.

Here are her Instagram secrets.

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1. Be responsive to comments and questions from your audience. Provide valuable content that saves people the time and effort of experimentation and figuring it out themselves.
2. Recognize that there’s going to be trial and error in your strategy. Pay attention to the reactions people have to figure out what works for your audience.
3. Use Instagram to start the conversation, then switch to a phone call or email to continue the dialogue.
4. Make sure your Instagram name explains exactly what you do. Call out what makes you (or your product different) in your username.
5. Go on people’s pages and comment on their photos, and just be nice. People will see your name, and if they’re interested based on your name, click through to your page.
6. Make sure your bio is engaging and the link in your bio is relevant so your new followers can easily get more information.

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