Creating an Amazon Alexa Flash Briefing Skill can be confusing. Here are the 5 steps to getting started quickly!

5 Technical Steps to Creating, Recording, and Posting Your First Flash Briefing

1.  Register for a developer account at, and create your Flash Briefing Skill.
2.  Find a Flash Briefing hosting provider. You can use a company like which has free hosting – or you can host your Flash Briefing in Dropbox, or on your website (if your website supports SSL). Copy the feed address and paste it into the Amazon Developer site to submit to Amazon’s Development team.
3. Determine your recording process. Will you record using your phone’s Voice Recorder app in a quiet location, or will you use Audacity or Garageband and invest in a USB microphone? Will you edit it after you record it or will you record it all in one take?
4. Finalize an episode, save it as an mp3, and upload it to your Flash Briefing host.
5.  Submit the test episode to Amazon for approval, and once it’s approved, start posting daily episodes!