Are you getting less likes than in the past?

Everyone is getting less likes (for the most part). Even celebrities. Even influencers. (Side note – a lot of those people you see with millions of likes are buying them or getting them from bots.) So why are we all getting less likes?

The easiest answer is the Instagram algorithm.

Quick lesson in what that means: the algorithm is a formula Instagram has set up to ensure the best content rises to the top. There’s more content on Instagram than ever before, so Instagram calculates all the actions people take on a post to decide how popular it is.

So what are you going to do?

Sure, you can complain. That’s one way.

Or, you can look at the Insights tab to view your analytics, and instead of looking at how many likes you got 2 years ago, look at your recent posts. What posts over the past 3 months had the best response from your audience? What Story over the past 2 weeks got the most engagement? Take that information, and make a newer, more updated version of that post.

For instance, when I look at the number of likes my posts got over the past 3 months, a picture of my entire family taking a selfie together had the most likes. It wasn’t the photos of me brooding in the subway, or even the music video of me with 4 guys wearing gorilla masks dancing behind me to Bruno Mars. This tells me that as interesting as I think I am, people want to see pictures of me having fun with recognizable and attractive family members.

Do this same thing with your own content. Determine what content your audience likes the most, and then focus on providing more of that. Keep repeating this until you are only creating content your audience wants.

What was your most popular post over the past 3 months? What were you able to infer from that?