Recently, the Amazon team rolled out a new feature to the Alexa app that’s worth knowing about!

Sometimes, you want to use Alexa without others in your household knowing – maybe you want to ask a question you don’t want others to hear (“Alexa, when is my packaging arriving?”) or perhaps you need help getting back to sleep in the middle of the night (*insert earbuds* – “Alexa, play Sleep Sounds!”). Alternatively, you may know someone that’s is hard of hearing or deaf, who has never had the chance to interact with Alexa before.

Amazon have added the ability to interact with Alexa in a text-based chat format! At this point in time, it’s only available on Apple devices, but hopefully it will be on Android devices soon!

To begin interacting with Alexa in a text-based chat, update to the latest version of the Alexa app on your Apple device, then open the app. At the top of the screen, you’ll see a text box with the message “type with Alexa”. Tap on that box, and type a message to start interacting with Alexa!

You’ll see that as you type in a question, Alexa will auto-suggest entries. The suggestions are Alexa commands, which are very helpful to get some ideas for what sort of questions you can ask! For instance, typing “what” into the text box prompts “What are my notifications?” “What is on my Shopping List?” “What’s on my To-do list?” and “What’s in the news?” This is a great way to get ideas of the variety of questions you can ask Alexa.

Additionally, the text-based chat bot supports everything you can do with Alexa, including playing music and running routines – you can just type the phrase you would normally say to invoke your routine, and it will begin to run!

How do you plan to use this new feature of Alexa?