Do you struggle with what to post on Instagram? Recently I asked “what’s your biggest challenge with Instagram?” and a lot of you responded with the same answer: “What should I post????” Here’s a list of 7 things you can use as content.

1. Show the behind-the-scenes of your business or your life.

Provide a tour of your workplace, spotlight a family member or colleague, or show the process of creating whatever it is you create.

2. Announce new projects, activities, products, or services.

What are you planning and launching? Share a new product or product feature to create a buzz, record yourself unboxing your own product or your favorite product.

3. Make tutorials.

Show people the different ways they can use your favorite products and services, whether through your captions or in a video.

4. Celebrate holidays.

You can post about mainstream holidays or think about smaller “hashtag” holidays. For example, if you run a donut shop (or have a secret place to get the best donuts!), mark your calendar to create a special post for #NationalDonutDay.

5. Share events.

If you attend events (or your business hosts them!) have other attendees audience post photos and videos before, during and after your event. Create a collection of your favorite moments by posting multiple photos or videos to tell the story of the night. Hint: Use the gallery feature to post multiple pictures at once.

6. Get testimonials.

Create testimonials for your favorite products, or ask clients for photos and videos with your products or services that you can share. Or interview your favorite clients as they use the products. Make a video of a someone taking their first bite of something you made or a hair stylist filming a client during a cut.

7. Post other graphics.

Think about other photos and videos you’ve created for other things, like posters or images for your website, that you can share once you’ve sized them appropriately.

Be sure to experiment, then consult your Instagram Insights to see what’s working – and ask your audience for feedback!

Part 2 of how to captivate your audience on Instagram posts tomorrow!