Amazon Alexa Flash Briefings are short audio programs between 1 and 10 minutes that anyone can create.

Here are 5 reasons to create an Amazon Alexa Flash Briefing.

1. You have a topic you could talk about for hours. You don’t have to be a leading expert on a particular topic, you only have to know more about it than the average person and be comfortable discussing it day in and day out.
2. You want to build an audience.  Having an audience is a key way to set yourself apart for future job opportunities, consulting gigs, book deals, and more.  When you have an audience who views you as an authority or an expert, they’ll recommend you to others, who will become part of your audience.
3.You don’t want to build an email list. We all get tons of spam every day. Who wants to spend hours crafting an email that only a small number of people will see?
4. You feel like social media platforms are too crowded and take too much time.  Every time a social media platform launches, it’s empty in the beginning – but once it reaches the mainstream, it becomes much harder to stand out. Take it from someone who’s a social media strategist, first mover advantage is a real thing.
5. You can explain things more quickly and clearly by talking than writing. Writing is a great way to build an audience, whether you write blog posts or a published book. But writing takes a lot of time between drafts, revising, and publishing. If you’re a person who’s comfortable recording, you can accomplish a much more in a shorter span of time.
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