Today we continue our series about photos and videos that captivate your audience with 5 editing techniques to get the look you want.

Use these tips to make the most of the pictures you share.

1. Crop to get the best image possible. Remember that people are viewing this on a small screen, so cropping ensures viewers can quickly tell what they’re looking at. Major key to creating more content: An image cropped differently can be shared multiple times.

2. Use the Lux tool. When you take a photo using the in-app camera, on the next screen at the top (in the center) is a little button, called Lux. With this option, you can easily enhance your photos and videos by automatically lightening shadows, darkening highlights and increasing contrast.

3. Use different filters for different things. You can choose from a long list of filters or you can edit all the settings like brightness, shadows, or warmth and overlay them to create different moods for different types of images.

4. Make your colors pop. Experiment with tools like contrast and saturation to increase the intensity of your colors. Show off bold colors in your photos if that’s the look you’re going for, or tone it down if you’re going for a more muted look.

5. Make your subject the center of attention. I like to take pictures using the “Live Focus” mode on my phone, which makes the subject clear and everything else blurry. However if you didn’t use Live Focus when taking the picture (or your phone doesn’t have that setting), you can use the Tilt Shift setting to highlight a particular aspect of the photo and blur the background.

I used to think it was impossible to get professional pictures from a phone – but some of these features have really changed my mind.

Have you used any of these techniques?