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What’s Your Worldview?

How do you view the world? What statement defines your personal outlook?

When building a following, it’s necessary to determine your worldview before doing anything else, because it gives prospective members of your tribe something to identify with.You don’t need everyone to identify with your worldview – but the ones who do identify with it are the only people that matter.

It’s taken me a while to get a rough idea of my worldview. It’s not “I’m good at X!” or even “I want to help people do Y!”, but rather, it’s about something that can apply to everyone. It should be in the form of this phrase: ““Every [blank] should [blank.]”

Here’s what I’ve narrowed my Worldview down to.

1. Everyone should build their own tribe.

2. Every consumer should be a creator.

3. Everyone should stop comparing themselves to everyone else.

4. Everyone should pursue the best story.

5. Everyone should ignore their limits,embracing their fear and the unknown.

Some of those I’m doing every day. Some of them I’m not doing nearly enough. But the more I talk about my Worldview, the clearer it becomes – and it gives people something to be drawn to.

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