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How Can I Redownload Microsoft Office?

How Can I Redownload Microsoft Office?

When you need to re-install Windows, you often need discs to reinstall your software, and Microsoft Office is the one you need first.  This creates a panic – where are your installation discs? Did you put them software safe – and now no longer know where that safe place is?

To address this problem, Microsoft has created a site to re-download Microsoft Office 2010 and Microsoft Office 2007.   There are some specific requirements to meet, but if you have your product key, you can redownload the software you need.


Microsoft Office Redownload


How Do I Get My Microsoft Office Product Key?

If you don’t have your product key written down or don’t have the original disc packaging, you can get the product key of the software already installed on your machine (before re-installing Windows) by running the Belarc Advisor – Free Personal PC Audit which gives an extremely complete report of all your hardware and software, for free.


Microsoft Office Serial Key Report


I found this report to be useful and accurate, providing some details about my computer even I wasn’t aware of (who knew my machine didn’t support hyperthreading!) but, most importantly, provided my key for Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office, in addition to other installed software.  My suggestion – print the report, and keep it in a safe place (that you’ll remember!)

And that’s how to re-download Microsoft Office.

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