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Printing on both sides

This has irked me for years. Why waste half a piece of paper when printing?

Duplex printers address this issue well – they print a page out, then suck it back into print on the other side. But what if you don’t have a printer that supports automatic duplexing?

Printers that don’t support automatic duplexing offer “manual” duplexing – it’s up to you to print out one side, walk over to the printer, flip the printed page around the correct way, and feed it back into the printer. This is an extremely difficult process, because you will inadvertently put it in upside down, backward, or any combination of those two.

Last night, I was on a conference call for the Microsoft Office “Real Stories” Program, and during the training I saw their solution to this problem demonstrated. On the “Print Preview” page, there is an option to slide a bar to view the page you are printing – and see what is ON THE BACK! This allows for you to see which way the page you’ve already printed on should face, before sending it back through the printer.

TooDifficult Microsoft Publisher 2010 Transparency

TooDifficult Microsoft Publisher 2010 Transparency

Great work, Microsoft. Now just extend this feature to Microsoft Word, and you’ll be saving trees and headaches.

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