There’s SO much Instagram news right now it’s literally C R A Z Y. Boomerangs are getting revamped. Layouts are being brought to Stories. The Story Camera is changing. So much more! Instagram’s Product Team probably doesn’t sleep.

1. Instagram is revamping Boomerangs, including different modes like Classic (the one we know and love), Hold (pauses at the end of each loop), Dynamic (wiggles at the end of each loop), SlowMo (like Classic but slower), Duo (slightly slower than classic), and Duo …Again (slightly faster than Classic).

2. Instagram is creating different varieties of Story Camera modes, with unique gradients to show the difference between the modes. The new icons will be available in the upcoming redesign of Story Mode.

3. Layouts are coming to Stories! If you’re not familiar, there’s an app called Layout that let’s you create grids to post multiple pictures into a single frame. This will be brought to Stories to create interesting collages. Users will be able to add photos from the camera or the Gallery (Camera Roll).

4. Comment sharing! Instagram is testing the ability to share specific comments with others, probably through Direct Message mainly. This will be great for even celebrities write things on each other’s posts, because that is my favorite thing on Instagram ever.

5. Notifications filter. Right now the notifications tab is a jumbled mess of alerts about likes, follows, comments, and more. Instagram is working on a filter so you can refine this view to only see what you want.

6. In-app App and Website Settings. (this isn’t a typo). Right now the ability to manage 3rd party apps connected to Instagram via the app is very limited – modifications have to be done on However, Instagram is bringing these settings directly into to the app.

All of this great stuff was uncovered by @wongmjane, who finds the new features before they drop by reverse engineering the Android app. And she’s a genius.

Which of these new features are you most excited about?