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How can I upgrade my Laptop’s Graphics?

How can you upgrade the graphics in a laptop?

For this one, there’s a short answer – in 99% of cases, you can’t, or don’t want to. Desktops have graphics cards that can be removed and upgraded. Laptops have graphics processing built into the motherboard, and so upgrading the graphics on a laptop typically requires purchasing a new laptop.

Sometimes, adding memory (RAM) can help. Although the memory used on a graphics card is much faster than general computer memory, it may help a little. Making sure you also have the latest drivers from your laptop manufacturer is also very important.

There are products available that convert the connectors from a desktop graphics card into what a laptop can connect to. However, this scenario is expensive, starting at around $250, plus the cost of the graphics card.

If you are considering purchasing a new laptop in the near future, make sure to get one with a large amount of Dedicated Graphics Memory. Ensure that is NOT an “integrated” graphics card RAM – otherwise, you will be in the same situation all over again.

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