Yesterday @tailwindapp had a great blog post – “Instagram Creator Accounts – Should I Switch?”, which I featured on my show today. I’ve had the Creator account for nearly 2 weeks now (and I finally got the Music sticker! Are these things related?!?) Let’s get deep on the different kinds of Instagram accounts so you can decide. Ready?

There are 3 different kinds of Instagram accounts.

Personal accounts are generally for individuals. They can be public or private, and can cross-post to Facebook personal accounts.

Business accounts are for brands and companies. They provide a ton of additional analytics data, showing engagement and reach for posts over the past 3 years (& 14 days for Stories), plus demographic infor of your followers, like when they’re online, where they’re from, and age/gender breakdown, plus an upgraded Bio with a variety of contact option buttons like email or phone call. Business accounts must be public, can auto-schedule posts for the future, and can cross-post to Facebook Pages, which have “likes” instead of friends.

Creator accounts are new. Instagram designed them to “access features that make it easier to control [your] online presence, understand your growth and manage messages.” Ashley Yuki, Instagram product manager, said, “We want to make sure that Instagram is the best place, and the easiest place, to build fan communities and also build [creators’] personal brands.” Creator accounts are geared for influencers, with most of the features of Business accounts, with some notable changes. They get all the same analytics data, plus a chart showing how individual posts resulted in followers joining and dropping. (My analytics for this depresses me so I don’t look at it.) They will offer the ability to tag products – so if I’m wearing a shirt in a photo, I can tag the shirt itself, so people can buy with one-click – and perhaps I could make a commission from this in the future.

The biggest downsides of the Instagram Creator Accounts is that they don’t cross-post to Facebook Business Pages (only Facebook personal accounts) and posts cannot be auto-scheduled.

Does the Creator account seem like a good fit for you?