How To Download from YouTube (Video and Audio)


YouTube has great content. But what if a video gets taken down? Or what if you want to enjoy that content without being online?


To download content from YouTube, I recommend JDownloader. It’s a free program that allows you to download video from YouTube in multiple formats, including high-definition, or just the audio in .MP3 format.


Here’s the step-by-step guide:

1. Make sure JDownloader is running.
2. Find the YouTube video you’re interested inYouTube Video
3. On the page playing the YouTube video, highlight the web address at the top and copy it to the clipboard (Control + C or right click and choose “copy”).

JDownloadder LinkGrabber
4. Open JDownloader, and choose the “LinkGrabber” tab at the top. You should see a few different formats to download.
5. Right click the one you want, and choose “Download selected file”.
6. Choose the “Download” tab, and see if the download is completed. Make sure the “Play” button is grayed out, as this indicates the downloads have started.

JDownloader Download MP4
7. If it is, right click the file and choose “Open Directory” to enjoy your newly downloaded content.

JDownloader Open DirectoryJDownloader Download Folder

8. (Optional) – If it’s an MP3, you may have to change the file extension from .tmp to .mp3 before playing.

Enjoy your newly downloaded YouTube content!