How To Get Advance Screening Movie Passes for Free (and a Fast 6 Review)


Today I had the opportunity to see Fast and Furious 6 (AKA Fast 6) today, courtesy of Universal Pictures.  Below, I’ll give tips and instructions on how to find out about free advance screenings so you can see movies before they’re released.

Being a fan of these movies, I jumped at the chance to see this movie 3 weeks early. I’ll watch any of the previous 5 whenever they’re on (although Tokyo Drift is a little painful at times), and respect what these movies have accomplished, which is to be consistently entertaining.


The question you want answered – do you need to see this movie? The answer is – if you’re a fan, definitely. Do you need to see it in the theater? Unless you’re a huge fan, I’m going to say maybe.

Everyone watches these movies for different reasons. I’ll try to break them down by the reasons you might watch the movies.

Cars: This movie has cars that I’ve never seen or heard of before. Admittedly, I don’t subscribe to car magazines, but I’ve read plenty of  them over the years. The usual cars are replaced with autombiles that must be European or … I don’t know what. I’m planning to look up what some of them are.

So far, I’ve found out what a Ford MK is, a Koenigsegg CCX, and  my friend Chris referred to one of the cars as a customized RoadRunner, which comes off looking unique compared to what’s normally seen in these movies. And maybe that’s the point of the movie – to make you wonder what a RoadRunner is, and look beyond the cars you see on the road every day.

Fast-and-furious-6-movie - Roadrunner

There’s a ’69 Mustang in the movie that either has a customized back-end to look like today’s Mustangs, or that’s what it looked like back then, I don’t know. Maybe I just proved my own point.

Here's the Ford MK and the Mustang

Here’s the Ford MK and the Mustang

Eye-Candy: Several times throughout this movie, I wondered if the star of this film was The Rock’s biceps, or possibly the Under Armor he wears as clothing. That isn’t a bad thing.the-rock-eating-breakfast-fast-6

Vin Diesel (not his real name, obviously) still only wears wife-beaters, and doesn’t look like he’s interested in gaining muscle definition or doing whatever work the Rock does every morning. Paul Walker looks a little emaciated throughout the film, and Michelle Rodriguez is still not attractive. The other actors all look great, except for Elsa Pataki, who must have had some kind of plastic surgery done between this film and Fast Five. Her and Jordanna Brewster are both given incredibly small amounts of screen time.  I found that disappointing.

Plot: This isn’t quite the “Heist” style movie I was expecting. However, this movie does something other movies refuse to do – provide a plot. Other movies figure with enough action and eye-candy, you’ll forget that movies are supposed to have a plot. Fast 6 doesn’t have a great plot, but it does have one. However, the downside of that is the dialogue that must happen to advance the plot. And there’s lots of dialogue.

The movie really drags in places. I’d suspect about 45 minutes could have easily been cut, and although you’d have been confused by the plot, the pace would have been better.
There’s a surprise in the film – a couple of them, in fact. I’d recommend keeping them as surprises, and not looking at the IMDB page for the movie, which gives one of the surprises away. In my opinion, the surprises really make the film.

My favorite part of the movie are the surprises and the action sequences between Michelle Rodriguez and Gina Corano.  Those, alone, are worth the price of admission.

What could this movie be compared to? To be fair, the only comparison is Fast Five.  It’s not like the classic Italian Job, by any means.  And Fast Five was better, in my opinion. Not a lot better, but more enjoyable throughout, with interesting developments that kept things moving.

Overall, I’d say definitely see Fast 6, but don’t go in with high expectations. But if you’re not a huge fan, wait for the DVD.

I promised to show you how to get tickets for Screenings like this. Here are my tips and rules:

1. Register and frequent websites like Gofobo and Cinemit, and sign up for their email lists, Twitter feeds, and Facebook feeds.
2. When they have a screening with an opporuntity to get tickets, do it RIGHT AWAY. I’d say you have between 20 minutes and an hour, usually, to take advantage.
3. Don’t expect to get a ticket when you get an email.
4. Get there at least an hour early and be prepared to wait. These events are typically way over-booked.  If you don’t want to get there that early, it’s not for you.
5. Don’t bring your phone in. Or hide it in your sock. I recommend not wearing ankle socks, it doesn’t work well for hiding.
6. Be grateful. It’s free. Be nice to the people working the event, it’s a lot of effort.
7. If you RSVP and get a ticket but can’t make it, don’t worry. You can give it to someone else but if not, it’s no big deal.

Follow these rules, and you’ll be enjoying free screenings like Fast and Furious 6!