Spencer and Sequoia are musicians with an extremely engaged following. I asked them how they got such an engaged following. Here’s what they told me.

To start with, everything has to be sincere, authentic and genuine.

Here are the steps they took to build a community.

First, separate things from your personal account, and tell your friends: if you want to see what we’re doing, we have a new place – and tag your new handle. That ensures your friends will not be inundated with your other content or feel pressured. In the beginning, you may not have a lot of followers, but over time the new fans who join will not necessarily be friends and family, but people who have become new fans because they appreciate what you’re doing.

Show personal content that’s engaging. People like to see personal things because it shows that you’re human, and offers a non-professional side that attracts others to be more interested in what you’re doing.

Using Stories can be a great way to keep fans updated and get content out very quickly, like last minute changes that fans will want to know about.

Going Live is also an excellent way to connect with an audience, because it allows for real-time conversation and interaction – but it can be hard to read and respond to comments while the livestream is going on.

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