Alisa Meredith is obsessed with Pinterest advertising. She’s the content marketing manager at Tailwind, a Pinterest and Instagram scheduling tool.

Pinterest is based on images that you “pin” or save, and it’s built to give people ideas, and then do them.


Instagram is about projecting an image of yourself. Pinterest is about planning to become who you want to be.

Pinterest viewers don’t care about you, personally. They just care about making their lives better.


The key difference between Pinterest and Instagram: Pinterest is designed to bring you traffic to your website or blog, where Instagram is about keeping users on Instagram.

Pinterest is the #2 social traffic referrer, only behind Facebook. Facebook reach is declining and therefore referral traffic is down. The percentage of Pinterest traffic is up at an even greater rate than Facebook traffic is declining.

If you’ve never used Pinterest before, start as a user. Just look at the site and start “pinning” things to see how it works as an end user, so you can learn what you like and how the site works

If you’re a small business owner, focus on becoming a local resource for your area. Try to get your pins on people’s travel boards for their upcoming trips.

If you’re building your personal brand, create “pin-able images” for Pinterest that will link back to your blog. You can use photos you’ve taken, or images available under the Creative Commons license, especially images that people can’t help but click on.

Where to learn more: – Tailwind is a tool to analyze your boards to see what is working well

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