JoJami and Lana of Ladies Roadmap have found an under served audience and are making content for them. They’re starting a podcast for women over 50, going around the country in a motor home to meet women and inspire them. Here’s some of the recommendations I gave them.

On Instagram:

People care about what you’re doing, behind the scenes. Instagram Stories lets you show what’s going on behind the scenes, save that content, and reuse it if resonates with your audience. Showing the process of starting a process, documenting the efforts you’re making, and showing what’s going on behind the scenes.

Going Live is a great way to get more views and grab the attention of your audience. If you’re working with someone like a business partner, you can go live together from different places – and you can set that content to be rewatchable for the next 24 hours, or download/save that content to reuse as a post or on another platform.

On Podcasts:

Being on other people’s podcasts and having people on your podcast is a great way to introduce people to your audience, and get other people’s audience members to become your fans. My pattened trick for getting people on my podcast is to find someone who had a book out a year or two ago but isn’t currently doing the interview circuit – they may not be getting a lot of requests at that time, but want to build an audience before their next book. I read the book, find my favorite part of the book toward the end, (showing that I read the book) and email them questions about it I want to ask them when we record.

Many women over 50 are not currently listening to podcasts, but they just need to be shown how podcasts can help them. If women over 50 were helped to see the value of podcasting – not in a “here’s our podcast” kind of way but “here’s why podcasts are so great” way, they would be creating a new audience that isn’t currently following 10 other podcasts, so their feeds will be completely empty and they’ll be ready to learn.

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